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Tis the season. Time to yoke the Yule grab the antlers and ride the scarlet beast in sideways down the slippery holly-strewn luge of festive funk, knocking your Santa hat sideways and, eggnog in hand, screaming ‘Rudolf Rocks’ – standard five bonus points for making the littlies cry. Okay – this time of year.One thing […]

I keep a black velvet bag tucked quietly away for keeping special treasures – beautiful, strange, surprising – things that make me go ‘Mmmmm!’ It’s there for when I forget that I can write. It’s where I hoard the words of encouragement, of praise lest they get washed out with the tide of my own […]

I’m propped up in bed at 2:45am and have given up trying to sleep at least for the minute. My mind keeps being pulled back to a soggy piece of carpet across the other side of town. The Balaclava Hotel on a Sunday afternoon. From the moment I pushed open the heavy wooden double doors […]

I’m there again.That place between writing and not. Between believing in my words enough to open the laptop, create a new file and begin. I’ve clicked on “discard” a number of times. I’ve perfected the art of discarding blank documents – go me! I read the other day that a writer is someone who finds […]

I was walking with my friend the other morning, tramping through the streets of the surburban enclave in which I live, dodging rain puddles and hoping I’d warm up enough to stop my nose from running and my ears from aching. We walk before the kids go off to school, up when it’s still dark. […]

I need to tell you about ‘the hug’. I was sitting at the St Andrews’ pub – which for those who don’t know it it quite simply one of my favourite places in the world. On the outskirts of Melbourne’s east, it’s a beautiful little town past Warrandyte that is all rolling green hills and […]

I’ve had a strange week – huzo’mine took off skiing Saturday nite and I packed up the kids and went over to my friend’s place for spaghetti bolognaise and to watch the election results with her and another journo mate from ‘back in the day’. On the way there my 9-year-old daughter Keziah asked what […]

I just had one of those floaty, in-between thought and daydream moments when I knew that magic was afoot – or at least giving the venetians a quiet little shake. I am presently holed up in my office at uni. Let’s just ponder that for moment. I am sitting in a corner office at Melbourne […]

Well here I am. Virtual swim-suit on and standing on the high-board looking down at the patch of blue that is my open lap-top screen. Big breath and dive – arghhhhhhh! Splash. Sink. Swim? And emerge in the wonderful world of the blog-o-sphere. Kick back, blow some bubbles and look around. Come on in, the […]