So I’ve done something I didn’t think I would ever do. Publicly at least. Privately I walk across burning bridges often. I listen to Hartley whisper  ‘the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there’ and I shrug off his words and get my passport stamped once more for the sheer Hell of […]

For those who have just joined us, I’ve arrived safely in North Sydney and am about to head out into the weather for dinner… I added one complimentary umbrella and a lovely black and white knitted cap with a crocheted flower and I headed out into the storm for what I was assured was the […]

The Inn owners in this part of the world – of my sample two – are, in my vast experience, unjustly proud of and invested in the plastic black phones they have nailed to their doors. ‘Pick up phone to contact Inn Keeper at Any Time’ the teensy business cards taped to them proclaim. So, […]

My first night here did not begin well. I got off the ferry which I’d caught from Prince Edward Island to Caribou, Nova Scotia, and drove out into a rainy, grey day that soon decided to kick it up a few notches for me into a storm which my wipers valiantly gave their all but […]

I remember in High School writing an essay that was out of chronological order and it peeved Ms Murphy something shocking. These posts may be doing the same thing to you as I toss time around like Mum’s ‘green’ salad (iceberg lettuce, sad tomato and cubes of Kraft cheese). A note to my students: this […]

  Don’t forget what it felt like. Don’t forget how your eyes filled. You sat in your chair and you looked out of the window at the tarmac with what? With disbelief? With relief? With bones aching with the wonder that I deserve this? With aching sadness that I would even think that I didn’t? […]

Enter…the Gospel singers. Just when I thought life in New Sydney couldn’t get any more interesting amidst Jane’s porcelain Dachsunds and Siamese cats and Tiffany lamps galore I’m presented with Allison and Gerald. They arrived yesterday evening after having dinner down the road at the Black Spoon and are tired after their travels and landed soft […]

About Mary MacGillivray and Cian O’Morain of the Brigh Music and Tea shop in Charlottetown, my first stop in Nova Scotia and how we swapped songs over lemonade tea and how I walked away with a CD that combines Irish Traditional music with didgeridoo – of course it does. For those of you who aren’t steeped […]